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 How to Create a Killer Fitness, Lifestyle or Travel Brand With Instagram and Instagram Stories

Did you know that Instagram is actually the second largest social network in terms of users? Did you know that it has some of the very best engagement out of any platform too?

That may surprise you seeing as many people aren’t aware of just how big Instagram really is. That quickly becomes apparent though, when you look at some of the massive celebrities that owe their entire careers to Instagram. 

The first way to increase the quality of the photos that you are taking is to get a high quality camera. A great camera will be one that has a good sensor, a high quality lens and lots of options allowing you to control things like the shutter speed. Usually, this is going to mean either a DSLR camera, or a bridge camera.

Using this and then uploading your photos via a USB will result in much higher production values than simply relying on your phone – and especially if you also invest in some good lighting. Getting a lightbox can help a great deal as that way you’re not always going to be relying on it being sunny weather outside in order to take your photos.

 Having a good camera phone is a good idea too though, as many of the photos you take will probably be spur of the moment and things that you snap while out and about – especially if you have a personal brand and if you live the lifestyle you preach. Take your camera to the gym and get the occasional photo so that people can feel like they’re a part of your workouts!

Some Tips for Taking Great Photos

Perhaps more important than the equipment is the wetware – the person behind the camera. You need to know how to tell a story and how to make it into something that inspires people.

So what does it mean to tell a story? It means that your photo needs to communicate more than is in the frame.

Think about that shot of someone doing sit ups on the beach in the evening. What does that tell you about this person and about their lifestyle?

Sure, it says that they have great abs and they look good too. But it also tells you that they live somewhere beautiful and that they have the free time to actually enjoy that area of natural beauty. It also tells you that they have plenty of energy – enough energy to be working out at this time. And it tells you that they’re dedicated.

All these things are desirable and especially if they’re tanned, good looking and wearing great clothes too!

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